Fields of Application

Financial Sector

In view of the ongoing digitalization of all economic processes, the financial sector is facing a radical change. AI technologies offer a wide range of applications in the financial sector, whether in customer business, market analysis and monitoring, system security, fraud detection or the optimization of business processes on the basis of virtually infinite data sources. Further fields of application are the testing of software and hardware, especially for high-security systems in the financial sector, or the authenticity guarantee of digital identification systems.



At the first International Workshop on Data-Driven Business Process Optimization (BPO) of the 20th Conference on Business Process Management (BPM…

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Are you interested in the topics of "Anomaly and Change Point Detection" or are you already working in the field and looking for an opportunity to…

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The "Cybermapping" lab explores the use of innovative artificial intelligence technologies with a focus on cyber risks in the financial sector.

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Corporate Memory

CoMem is an ecosystem based on evolving knowledge graphs integrating information silos and legacy systems as well as (personal) information sources of knowledge workers and their teams. The ecosystem…

Sustaining Grass-roots Organizational Memories: Foundations and Methods of Managed Forgetting for Knowledge Workers

Die Einführung des „Vergessens“ in das Wissensmanagement ist ein vielversprechender Ansatz zur Reduktion der Informationsflut und zur Fokussierung auf wichtige Information und deren Auffindbarkeit. In…

Multimedia Opinion Mining

Das Projekt Multimedia Opinion Mining (MOM) stellt sich der Herausforderung, Meinungen aus Multimediainhalten des Webs zu extrahieren. Dies beinhaltet sowohl die großangelegte multimodale Analyse…

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