Knowledge & Business Intelligence

More and more complex business processes generate more and more data. Intelligent and professional processing of the flood of data can give companies a decisive competitive advantage. Business success in sustainable management is therefore determined decisively by the effective handling of data and knowledge and their application in the relevant business processes. We develop and research the latest artificial intelligence technologies for the targeted and systematic exploitation, distribution, archiving and communication of knowledge, data and information. Automated and learning assistants help to structure work processes and proactively provide relevant information in all business areas. Thus, the growing variety of information can be controlled intuitively, purposefully and effectively at any time and anywhere and can be used for decision-making.


Einladung zur Online-Auftaktveranstaltung am 27. Januar 2022. Das neu gegründete Regionale Zukunftszentrum für KI und digitale Transformation Saarland…

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New standard sets out requirements for developing a business model for a data ecosystem in the food industry.

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Together with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), the Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (idw) has developed, evaluated, and…

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Touching the 3rd Dimension

Design und Analyse Perzeptuell-inspirierter Interaktionskonzepte fuer Stereoscopische Multi-Touch Oberflächen


Secure UCH

The goal of the project SUCH (Secure UCH) is to implement the Universal Remote Console (UCH) middleware based on the Common Criteria (CC, ISO/ICE 15408) Methodology, see…

MultiRep - Multi-channel description language and system optimization

Increasingly people expect that information and service opportunities are available through all channels and modalities: websites, call centers, social networking, smartphone apps, chat, etc.…

Automatic Formalisation of legal texts aided by natural language processing

This projects aims at the development of methods for a semi-automatic formalization of legal regulations provided in natural language. For this purpose, established methodologies from the domain of…

Preparation and Launch of a Large-Scale Action for Quality Translation Technology

Quality translation of text into other languages is in higher demand today than ever before. Europe is the region where the lack of fast, affordable quality translation hurts the most. Despite…


Due to missing first line inspection in many automated digitization setups, it has become more difficult to identify forged documents. Widespread availability of high-quality printing and scanning…

Software Engineering for Spreadsheet Interaction

Spreadsheets have become very popular to analyze and visualize business and science data, so their complexity and impact increased dramatically over the years. As active documents they are situated…

Large-scale, Cross-lingual Trend Mining and Summarisation of Real-time Media Streams

The recent massive growth in online media and the rise of user-authored content (e.g weblogs, Twitter,

Facebook) has lead to challenges of how to access and interpret these strongly multilingual data,…

Durchgängige Entwicklung von Sicherheitsprotokollen

In the academic area there are numerous approaches to the formal analysis of

security protocols. Computer-supported approaches are all based on the Dolev-Yao (DY) model,

which assumes a perfect…


Das Projekt Voice2Social zielt darauf ab, durch eine

Kombination von multimodaler Interaktionstechnologie

und Social Software neuartige und vielfältig

angereicherte Interaktionsmöglichkeiten für die…

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