Fields of Application

Learning and Education

Digital skills will become a core competence for the working world in the future. The path to this begins in school education and leads through academic and vocational education and training to lifelong learning. AI and innovative software technologies have the potential to improve educational and work processes in the digitalized and networked world. Be it the interaction of man and machine, the processing of knowledge from different sources or the individual adaptation of learning processes.

In interdisciplinary laboratories, the DFKI develops new technologies and methods to support training, qualification, teaching and learning processes in the relevant educational areas. This is done in cooperation with partners from teaching, research and science, schools, the digital and education economy as well as with spin-offs, EdTec start-ups and young e-learning companies.


The image shows 12 tiles against a blue background. In the tiles are images of the eleven lecturers of the AI Campus course and the logo of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The speakers are laughing into the camera. On the left above the tiles is the logo of the KI Campus and on the far right the logo of the DFKI. In the middle is the title of the course: AI and Leadership.

After the successful start of the 6-week online course: "AI & Leadership I" on AI Campus, the full course with a duration of 15 weeks will begin on…

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Herkömmliche publikationsbasierte Metriken in Berufungsverfahren werden oft nicht der Komplexität gerecht, die die Auswahl geeigneter Kandidat*innen…

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Until October 18, graduates and students of all disciplines can apply for the one-semester continuing education program in consulting at Saarland…

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Multimedia - Instruktion in Sicheren Systemen

The aim of the MMiSS project, which is supported by bmbf (German Ministry for Education and Research) in its programme "New Media in Education", is to set up a multimedia Internet-based adaptive…

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