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Artificial intelligence is the key technology for mobility concepts of the future. Tomorrow's mobility will be characterized by vehicles and infrastructure with ever higher levels of automation and networking, as well as learning systems that increase traffic safety and optimize traffic flows. Context-sensitive, multimodal interfaces and intelligent sensor systems for interaction between vehicles and their occupants or with the environment, as well as communication, control and analysis systems for elementary data flows and their safety, are just as important for this.


Pandemie-Simulationen für Kommunen, auf wissenschaftlicher Basis: Im Forschungsprojekt AScore ist ein Pandemie-Cockpit entstanden, welches…

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1-3 October 2021: The SPELL project partners invite you to the Hackathonamring at the Nürburgring.

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Der Digitaltag wird getragen von der Initiative „Digital für alle“, einem Bündnis von mehr als 25 Organisationen aus den Bereichen Zivilgesellschaft,…

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Situations-Adaptive Multimodale Interaktion für Innovative Mobilitätskonzepte der Zukunft

Mobility is a critical pillar of our modern economy system. We envision that the car of the future will not only be considered from the perspective of a means of transportation, but as a multi-functio…


GetHomeSafe is a European Commision Collaborative Project – STREP aiming to develop a system for safe information access (search, navigation, points of interest) and communication (texting) while…

Mobil bis ins hohe Alter

Public transport is often problematic for older people – many activities that are easy for younger persons pose partly or completely obstacles: ticket machines are particularly difficult to use or…

Robust design of new electronic components for applications in the field of electromobility

Whether in the powertrain, in central control units or in body and convenience electronics – there is a constant increase in the proportion of electronic components used in the car. This trend is…

PMC Regionale Projektleitstelle 2011ff

In July 2009 eight model regions were established in the context of the “funding program model regions electric mobility”. The aim of the funding program is the quick and sustainable implementation of…

Virtual Simulation and Training of Assembly and Service Processes in Digital Factories

The information gap between virtual product and manufacturing engineering and the physical start of production is a fundamental problem for European manufacturers. Knowledge about products and…

Model-Driven HMI Development in the Automotive Industry

The German automotive manufacturing and supplier industry is leading in the world. Many important and successful innovations of these days are related to so-called hidden technologies like…

Neue Mobilität im ländlichen Raum


Fraunhofer IFAM (Verbundkoordinator)

Universität Bremen (CRIE und BIK)

Deutsche Telekom AG

AGT Germany

Offis e.V.

Jacobs University Bremen gGmbH

Bremer Energie Institut BEI


Sicherer Kegelscanner

In this project a safety component (safety laser scanner) is developed that provides collision avoidance for vehicles in industrial settings using an innovative scanner design and advanced environment…

Safety component for autonomous mobile service robots

The aim of the SAMS project is the development of a certifiable safety system for service robots and driverless transport vehicles, which uses a certified safety laser scanner to control a safety zone…

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz