Fields of Application

Trade & Logistics

AI offers practical solutions for the optimization of business and logistics processes. Based on data, goods flows and transport routes can be adapted and decision-making supported. In addition, our scientists develop intelligent, personalized purchasing consultants and test them for their suitability for everyday use and their customer benefits. Furthermore, the DFKI researches autonomous mobile manipulation systems for intralogistics and manufacturing scenarios as well as innovative robot solutions for transport and inspection purposes.


New standard sets out requirements for developing a business model for a data ecosystem in the food industry.

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Pandemie-Simulationen für Kommunen, auf wissenschaftlicher Basis: Im Forschungsprojekt AScore ist ein Pandemie-Cockpit entstanden, welches…

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1-3 October 2021: The SPELL project partners invite you to the Hackathonamring at the Nürburgring.

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Human-Machine Interaction Modeling for Continuous Improvement of Robot Behavior

The current developments in digitalization, AI-based data processing, and powerful hardware lay the groundwork for

future embodied AI assistants. These intelligent robots must be versatile, adaptive…

Privacy-Aware, intelligent and Resilient Crisis Management

Das Konsortium des Projekts PAIRS verfolgt die Zielsetzung, eine serviceorientierte Infrastruktur zu entwickeln, die Unternehmen unterstützt, Frühwarnsysteme für die Aufrechterhaltung von Lieferketten…

Artificial Intelligence for Next Generation Energy

AI spreading in the energy sector is expected to dramatically reshape energy value chain in the next years, by improving

business processes performance, while increasing environmental sustainability,…

Dynamic planning in Individual Manufacturing along the supply Chain (Preparation Phase)

Phase 1 of 2 (Preparation Phase):

The fulfilment of individual customer requirements is becoming an increasingly decisive factor when considering the competitiveness of companies. The make-to-order or…

Multipurpose robotics for mAniPulation of defoRmable materIaLs in manufacturing processes

The APRIL project aims at prototyping low cost and agile market-oriented multipurpose, and easy to repurpose, autonomous dexterous robots; which will manipulate, assemble or process different soft and…


The overall goal of Knowledge4Retail is the development of an open-source platform (K4R platform) for complex AI- and robotics applications in retail. At its core, the platform provides so-called…

A Sound Verification Platform for Early Software Development for RISC-V based Systems

The aim of the VerSys project is to develop a consistent platform for early software development based on RISC-V technology, an instruction set architecture for microprocessors which has been…


Im Rahmen des Projektes „KI Absicherung“ werden erstmalig industrieübergreifend Methoden und Maßnahmen für die Absicherung von KI-basierten Funktionen für das automatisierte Fahren entwickelt. Es wird…

Intelligent, adaptive assistance services based on smart meters and building automation data

SUITE tests concepts of machine learning and multi-agent technology in Smart Home.

On the basis of smart meter data, intelligent audio systems, selected smart home sensors and building automation…

AI for Mobility, Logistic and Energy

The goal of KI-mobil is the realization of an AI-supported software platform for disruptive, resource-saving and high-performance mobility concepts, which intelligently combines individual and public…

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