MATE Deliverable D1.1

Supported Coding Schemes

(The University of Pittsburgh Intelligent Systems Program; The Natural Language Group at SRI International)

Coding book:
Author: Barbara Di Eugenio, Pamela W. Jordan, Liina Pylkkänen
Title: The COCONUT project: dialogue annotation manual (draft)

Number of annotators:
3 for development, but only 2 out of these 3 for the real annotation effort.
One annotator is linguist, the others are comutational linguists.

Number of annotated dialogues:
16 dialogues (about 800 utterances) have been annotated, of which 9 have been doubly annotated. All dialogue are in English.

Evaluation of scheme:

Underlying task:
Linguistic Motivation: Exploration how conversation correlates with the problem solving process where two participants are involved in.
Task: Buying furniture for the living and dining rooms of a house.

List of phenomena annotated

[31]: I have a green chair
[32]: I'll buy for 100 dollars.   [Action-Directive, Offer]
[33]: Okay?
[34]: That sounds good.            [Commit, Accept(32)]

Mark-up language:
Variant of DAMSL

Existence of annotation tools:
Nota Bene (Nb) by Flammia

COCONUT system

Contact person:
Barbara di Eugenio (dieugeni@cs.pitt.edu)

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