MATE Deliverable D1.1

Supported Coding Schemes

(Göteborg University)

Coding books:
a) feedbacks and turn management:

Authors: Joakim Nivre, Jens Allwood, Elisabeth Ahlsén
Title: Interaction Management
b) own communication management:
Authors: Jens Allwood, Elisabeth Ahlsén, Joakim Nivre, Staffan Larsson
Title: Own Communication Management (Swedish)

Number of annotators:
7, linguists (but often undergraduate students)

Number of annotated dialogues:
around 100 (Swedish)

Evaluations of scheme:
Reliability tests have been done but the results are not public available.

Underlying task:

List of phenomena annotated: Examples:

A:  kommer du
     (Are you coming?)

B:  ja

A:  kan du [ 1 ta me en ] 1 penna
      (Can you take a pencil with you?)

B: [ 1 va sa du ] 1
     (What did you say?)

B:  okey // vill du ha en egen
     (All right, would you like to have your own one?)

A:  ja de vill ja
     (Yes, please!)

Mark-up language:
The mark-up language is not based on one of the standard mark-up languages as it was felt that they are lacking in expressive power. Instead it is based on logic as an annotation language.

Existence of annotation tools:
Tractor (developed at Göteborg University): works on iX-Window UNIX and Power Macs

Used in the SLSA system.

Contact person:
Joakim Nivre (nivre@ling.gu.se)

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