MATE Deliverable D1.1

Supported Coding Schemes

Traum's Coding Scheme
(Université de Genève, Switzerland)

Coding book:
Author: David Traum
Title: Coding Schemes for Spoken Dialogue Structure 

Number of annotators:
2 for the inter-turn coherence coding
1 (the author) for the grounding coding

Number of annotated dialogues:
26 from the TRAINS-93 corpus for the inter-turn coherence coding. (English)
10 from the TRAINS-91 corpus for the grounding coding. (English)

Evaluation of scheme:
Done but no results published.

Underlying task:
The scheme is designed for application to any kind of dialogue; actual application is for task-oriented dialogues.

List of phenomena annotated:

u: so we have to start in Avon
s: okay
u: how long does it take to bring engine one to Dansville
s: three hours
u: okay <sil and then <sil back to Avon to get the  bananas
s: three more hours si(x) - six in all
u: how long does it take to load the bananas
UU# Speaker Utterance grounding act label
31.9 M it would get there at 3,  
31.10   is that what you're saying? repair
32.1 S it would get there at 4.  
33.1 M it would get there at 4.  
  Mark-up language:
N.B.'s mark-up language. This is not fully compliant with SGML, but a program is distributed with Nb that converts Nb-annotated files into standard SGML files.

Existence of annotation tools:
N.b. Tcl/Tk interface by G. Flammia.

TRAINS-93 system

Contact person:
David Traum (traum@cs.umd.edu)

Last Modification: 27.8.1998 by Marion Klein