The MIAMM Device


When browsing through online music collections on a future handheld device, it is possible that a user will have to deal with large search results on a scressn of limited size, especially if the entered characteristics are not well defined. It could be difficult to overview and handle the outcome of query or navigate through songs when there interface insufficiently assists these kinds of operations. It must be assured that the interaction with the interface might improve in terms of easy-of-use, by utilizing the combination of different communication senses making the interaction multi modal.

Overall Architecture:

DFKI software parts:

The Action Planer - Ap

We look at task oriented cooperative dialogues where both partners collaborate to achieve a common goal. This dialogues can be viewed as a coherent sequence of utterances asking for actions to be performed or introducing new information to the dialogue context. The task of the action planer is to recognize the user’s goal, and to trigger the necessary actions for the achievement of this goal. The triggered actions can be internal, such as database queries or the updating of the internal state of the system, or external, like communication with the user. In other words, the action planer is responsible for the control of both the task structure and the interaction structure of the dialogue.

The Speech Interpretation - Spin

The Visual Haptic Interaction Planer - VisHapTac

The Visualization of the Simulated Handheld Device - Vis

Exploring of multidimensional music databases need visualization metaphors that support multidimensional information presentation. The main goal of the visualization module is the intuitive presentation and navigation of large music data sets for different dimensions like genre, mood, time, rating, speed or title name. The visualizations are embedded into an simulated three dimensional virtual handheld device rendered with Open GL.

Figure No.
Ordered List
List in form of a wheel.
Time scale based arrangement of the titles.
Music map ordered by genres.
Titles as stars in an solar system.
Feel circle
Titles are placed in feel circles.
Parametric Ball
All dimensions can be changed by one ball.
Conic Tree
could be
All Dimensions can be explored in one globe.
Alphabetical ordered list.


Figure 1, The handheld device.

Figure 2, The wheel visualization Metaphor.

Figure 3, The timeline visualization metaphor

Figure 4, The whole landscape visualization metaphor

Figure 5, The lexicon visualization metaphor

Figure 6: The implementd landscape visualisation metaphor

Figure 7, Outlook - The CAIDA walrus visualization

Figure 8, Moods can be expressed in Feel circles

Figure 9, Parametric Ball

Christoph Lauer 2.2003