[mary-dev] Another exception

Marc Schroeder schroed at dfki.de
Tue Dec 8 20:15:46 CET 2009


thanks for this problem report and sorry for the delayed answer.

I have put down onto the FAQ page what you can do to get better answers:


Best regards,

Paul Tzimas schrieb:
> 82193 [RunSelectedComponentsThread] DEBUG F0PolynomialFeatureFileWriter  
> - Number of units : 25876
> java.lang.AssertionError: Have 1 syllable starts, but 0 syllable ends!
>     at 
> marytts.tools.voiceimport.F0PolynomialFeatureFileWriter.writeUnitFeaturesTo(F0PolynomialFeatureFileWriter.java:308)
>     at 
> marytts.tools.voiceimport.F0PolynomialFeatureFileWriter.compute(F0PolynomialFeatureFileWriter.java:177)
>     at 
> marytts.tools.voiceimport.DatabaseImportMain$8.run(DatabaseImportMain.java:291)
> What does this error mean, please, and how can I overcome it?
> It doesn't tell me in which sentence the error occured, does it?
> Paul
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