[mary-dev] Using the findbugs plugin?

Paulo Levi i30817 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 22:13:56 CET 2009

The dead store to local variable are where most of the false positives are,
because java requires that a local variable be initialized before returning
from a method or being passed to one, so assigment to null occurs -
especially before try finally so the variable can be used in the finally
part the constructor still be covered by the try.

I also want to warn you i made some strings alterations that weren't doing
anything viable. Since string is immutable, there were simple things like:
that did nothing, so i turned them into
string = string.trim()
One of these i backed out later since the if immediatly afterward indicated
that the string was expected to be started with a tab (trim affect it).
You can see the code and my backout in these changesets*
* 00:54 Changeset *[1817]* by paulo.faria
<http://mary.opendfki.de/changeset/1817>  00:44 Changeset *[1816]* by
paulo.faria <http://mary.opendfki.de/changeset/1816>
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