[mary-dev] Russian in OpenMary

Nickolay V. Shmyrev nshmyrev at nexiwave.com
Wed Aug 25 12:23:40 CEST 2010

2010/8/25, Marc Schroeder <marc.schroeder at dfki.de>:
> Hello Nickolay,
>  wow, what a pleasant surprise! Your contribution to OpenMary is very
>  welcome -- thank you! :-)
>  Now practically, I suggest we proceed as follows.
>  I will check in your patches (all except for the unit selection voice)
>  into a russian-branch in the OpenMary SVN. It would be great if you
>  could get yourself an account for accessing the OpenMary SVN repository
>  (create the account at https://config.opendfki.de/regacc, then ask to
>  join project mary, which I can then approve). Then we could work
>  together to get the code ready for inclusion in the trunk.
>  Does that sound like a reasonable plan?

Thanks, Mark, that's a perfect plan! OpenMARY is really pleasant to
work with since I was able to import database in a day and get great
synthesis result. Well, that's because I'm familar with sed ;)

I only worry will you be able to distribute the voices through your
website? I could prepare Polish and Spanish/Catalan voices since there
are databases. Porting seems relatively easy task. One day there might
be voice shop as Apple Store ;)

I see the milestone for 4.1 is August 31. Is it really so? It could be
tight schedule but I can make some usable version till then.

I have some technical notes as well, but it's a matter of separate discussion.

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