[mary-dev] Differences between svn and standalone-installation

Ingmar Steiner ingmar.steiner at dfki.de
Fri Oct 15 13:20:40 CEST 2010

Hi Fabio,

Thanks for the debug logs! Both of these errors seem to be caused by the deprecated DummyAllophones2AcoustParams module being called (which doesn't predict the required duration and F0 info). This should not happen. Could you please provide the server.log of your maryserver (at startup, before any synthesis requests)?

Best wishes,

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On 15 Oct 2010, at 13:09, Fabio Tesser wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I just started the work of adding the Italian language in OpenMary.
> Marc has already created a branch for that, but as first step, in orrder to better understand the sources, I have tried to check out the latest tag from svn <https://mary.opendfki.de/repos/tags/4.1.1>.
> I have installed two english voices (mary-dfki-obadiah and mary-dfki-obadiah-hsmm) using the mary-component-installer.
> After starting the maryserver and making a synth request with a web-client, the audio is not produced and I receive the errors reported in the attached logs.
> In the UnitSelection case seem that some data is missed:
> "Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: No duration information in MaryXML -- check log file for messages warning about unloadable acoustic models"
> but I checked and seem that in lib/voices/dfki-obadiah there are the relative data files.
> The HMM voice error seem more general:
> "Caused by: marytts.exceptions.SynthesisException: HMM Synthesiser could not synthesise: "
> My system is composed by:
> * Linux Ubuntu 10.04 x86_64
> * java -version
> java version "1.6.0_18"
> OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.8.1) (6b18-1.8.1-0ubuntu1)
> OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 16.0-b13, mixed mode)
> I tried to install the OpenMary 4.1.1 using also the standalone procedure (java -jar openmary-standalone-install-4.1.1.jar) and after installing the same voices, this maryserver synthesizes the sentences without problems in the same computer.
> Does anyone have a suggestion of why I get the errors using the maryserver built from the svn tag?
> Thanks,
> Fabio.
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