[mary-dev] Clients for Python, Ruby on Windows. [was on Mary-users]

H. Sasse hgs at vermilion.plus.com
Fri Apr 8 22:13:40 CEST 2011

Yes, I think LGPL would be OK.  I haven't put any copyright notices or 
such in
the code, so if you wish to use something like the wording in the Perl 
client, which has clauses about authorship, that would be OK as well.  
I'm more
concerned here about not making the licencing too complicated for use by the

Anyway, it is being sent as an attachment:  I hope that is OK for the list
(probably these days).

On 08/04/2011 08:14, Marc Schroeder wrote:
> Hello Hugh,
> we gratefully accept code donations :-)
> If you are happy to put your code under the LGPL, I see no reason why we
> require a copyright transfer.
> If you like, you could send your code to the mary-dev list, so that
> others can benefit from it immediately; when we find the time, we will
> include it in the trunk.
> Thanks!
> Best regards,
> Marc
> On 08.04.11 01:32, H. Sasse wrote:
>> I looked in the examples dierctory and found a clinet for Perl, and
>> trying to find the "protocol.html" document
>> referred to in the comments, I found that the socket interface is
>> deprecated.  I gather one is meant to use the
>> HTTP interface now.
>> I don't use Perl much these days, so I have managed to put together a
>> Python class, and a Ruby class.
>> Each of these sets up defaults on initialization, with methods to read
>> and change these, and a method
>> "say" which takes a string and passes it to the process url.  By default
>> this will speak the text.  So this is a very basic
>> client for each language.  They both use the Windows Sound library to
>> process the resulting wave file.
>> That could be changed and made a bit more cross-platform, I think, but I
>> don't have access to other
>> platforms at the moment.  If either is invoked as a program, a fixed
>> greeting is spoken, just to show it works.
>> So, my question is: would these be of interest to the project, and do I
>> have to do anything particular to contribute
>> these if they are useful?  For GNU projects if the contribution is
>> significant one has to assign copyright, which ISTR
>> involves actually physically signing some paper.  As long as I still
>> have the rights to improve the code (which your
>> licence gives me anyway) I don't  mind doing that.
>>        Thank you,
>>        Hugh
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