[mary-dev] [Mary-dev] PronunciationModel not working

Nickolay V. Shmyrev nshmyrev at nexiwave.com
Wed Jul 13 19:53:02 CEST 2011

В Втр, 12/07/2011 в 11:31 +0200, fxavier at ircam.fr пишет:
> Hello Nickolay,
> It was not logger.debug(), but logger.info() that writes in the
> server.log, that it why I had nothing written when doing logger.debug.
> So I'm testing twice the value of locale in the PronunciationModel, at the
> beginning  of the method process, and at the line 192, so just before
> there is the exception line 193.

Sorry, which Mary version are you based at. Just to make sure our lines
are in sync.

> The values are locale=fr:
> The locale was supposed to equal "" according to the exception. But as you
> can see, it is properly set. So why such an exception? How can I test the
> value of locale in the AllophoneSet since I can't write logger.info()
> (doesn't extend InternalModule)? Otherwise, line 93 in AllophonSet:

You can create logger this way:

Logger logger = MaryUtils.getLogger("SimpleLogger");

> Locale locale 
> MaryUtils.string2locale(e.getOwnerDocument().getDocumentElement().getAttribute("xml:lang"));
> is pretty ok and shouldn't be equal "" since it is "fr" in
> PronunciationModel.

You can easily use a debugger, please try it.

Also, I think that value in PronunciationModel is somewhat different
from value in AllophoneSet. In first case it's from voice, in second
it's taken from the document.

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