[mary-dev] Generating Eclipse files with maven.

si09344 si09344 at salle.url.edu
Wed Jul 27 12:16:56 CEST 2011

my name's Marc, I'm doing my final degree project over the MARY. I had
been working until September with Eclipse and subversive plugin as it's
explained in [http://mary.opendfki.de/wiki/Eclipse]. This allowed me to
work with the latest version of the repositories and to have a good control
of the changes I did.
At the moment I'm restarting the project. I've followed the instructions
in [http://mary.opendfki.de/browser/trunk/README.Eclipse.txt] to work in
Eclipse, but I have some problems. In this way I have no control of the
changes and I can't directly update from the repositories. On the other
hand, when I start the MaryServer, this only reads the main configuration
(marytts.config). It finds the other configuration files (en_US.config and
en_US-cmu-slt-hsmm.config) but these aren't read.
How could I work with the latest version of Mary in a similar way I did
it? If you think there's a better way to do it I'd like to know it. How do
you do it?

Thank you,

Marc Freixes.

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