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Ingmar Steiner ingmar.steiner at dfki.de
Tue Mar 4 17:28:29 CET 2014

Dear Pierre,

thank you very much for reporting this; I've opened 

SSML support is incomplete in MaryTTS, but <audio/> playback would 
certainly be a useful feature to implement. Unfortunately, I can't make 
any promises when that will happen, but code contributions are certainly 

Best wishes,


On 04.03.14 16:50, Pierre Desprats wrote:
> Hi !
> I'm trying to use the <audio> tag in SSML but i can't make it work.
> I read carefully here http://www.w3.org/TR/speech-synthesis/
> I tried with .wav, .mp3, with a local file and with a file on a ftp but
> it never worked.
> i tried like that
> <audio src="son.wav"> test audio </audio>
> with my son.wav file in the same folder than de MaryTTS Client.sh
> and like that
> <audio src="http://url/son.wav"> test audio </audio>
> Could you help me to understand where I am wrong ?
> Thanks !
> Pierre.
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