"Germany - Land of Ideas", the joint place-branding initiative of the Federal Government and German industry, represented by the Federation of German Industries (BDI), honors ideas and projects that make a sustainable contribution to Germany's future prosperity. More than 2,500 "Selected Landmarks" stand for the wealth of ideas, passion and implementation strength of the people in the country and make Germany's innovative strength tangible. The award winners originate from the areas of business, culture, science, environment, education and society.

Since 2006, the DFKI has received several awards for being a " Distinguished Site" in "Germany - Land of Ideas":

  • 2018 for the project "Entern""Entern" and "AlterEgo - digital twin for interaction training".
  • 2015 für "DaaS – Display as a service"
  • 2013/14 for "Mobia - staying mobile in old age" and "Virtual City Tour - Talking Places".
  • 2012 for the project PeerEnergyCloud - Citizen's marketplace for trading renewable energies, the project "The digital cookie age" and the logistics solution "marion" by CLAAS
  • 2011 for the "Software Cluster Innovation Exchange"
  • 2010 for the Visualization Center at DFKI
  • 2009 for the IRL - Innovative Retail Laboratory
  • 2008 for the DFKI-Laboratory in Bremen
  • 2007 for the "SaarLernNetz - Lifelong Learning along the Saar", "SmartFactoryKL", "DFKI Kaiserslautern - The Understanding Machine" and for the Competence Center for Computer Science at Saarland University
  • 2006 for "DFKI - Rendezvous with the computer"
DFKI-Projekt Entern© DFKI
Entern, honored 2018
DFKI-Projekt AlterEgo© DFKI
AlterEgo, honored 2018
DFKI-Projekt DISPLAY AS A SERVICE© André Mailänder
DaaS, honored 2015
© Saarbahn GmbH
MobiA, honored 2013/14
DFKI-Projekt Talking Places© DFKI/SMI
Talking Places, honored 2013/14
© Juchem
Digital Cookie Age, honored 2012
DFKI-Projekt marion© DFKI
marion, honored 2012
DFKI Software-Cluster© DFKI, IRL Saarbrücken
Software Cluster, honored 2011
DFKI-Visualisierungszentrum© DFKI, Saarbrücken
Visualization Center, honored 2010
DFKI Software-Cluster© DFKI, IRL Saarbrücken
IRL, honored 2009
DFKI-Labor© DFKI, Bremen
DFKI-Laboratory, honored 2008
DFKI-Saarlernnetz© DFKI, Saarbrücken
Saarlernnetz, honored 2007
DFKI Smartfactory© DFKI, Smartfactory Kaiserslautern
DFKI Smartfactory, honored 2007
DFKI-Kaiserslautern© SQUARE, Alexander Grüber
DFKI Kaiserslautern, honored 2007
DFKI, honored 2006


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Company Spokesman DFKI

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Tel.: 681 85775-5253

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