Competence Center

Case-Based Reasoning

The Competence Center Case-Based Reasoning (CC CBR) is a research and development center within DFKI, founded to coordinate and conduct research on case-based reasoning (CBR) and experience technologies. Its research is aiming towards real-life applications where experience is of essential importance. The CC CBR becomes a focal point for previous and ongoing projects at DFKI concerning these topics.

 CC CBR consists of a team of persons doing CBR research for many years and having a specific competence in CBR development and applications. CC CBR is led by Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Althoff based on a cooperation contract with the University of Hildesheim where he is professor for AI. Within the CC he collaborates with Dr. Armin Stahl who also has long-term experience in CBR. The CC CBR leads the development of DFKI’s open source tool myCBR. Jointly with Kerstin Bach and Régis Newo, who work within CC CBR based on the cooperation contract, further developments on the myCBR tool in particular and CBR research in general will be conducted.

The central idea of Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) is to search on the basis of similarities to a stated inquiry, which always returns a list of the most appropriate, available information sorted by relevance. Further, domain knowledge in the form of ontologies and the application specific similarity measures plays a major role in the CBR process for infering information from previous experiences. The open source tool myCBR and an accompanying software development kit, designed at DFKI, permits the simple development of similarity-based search for a variety of application scenarios. myCBR's graphical user interface enables the semi-automated generation of domain models from existing data and to model appropriate application-specific similarity measures at minimal cost. There are different similarity editors available for convenient knowledge modelling and interfaces for detailed analysis of the similarity measures.

The vision for the CC CBR is to become a major hub in the international community working on experience-related applications and develop approaches for gaining high-level knowledge about best-practices for methods, tools and platforms. With the help of its network of international partners, CC CBR offers consulting services, streamlined development, and open-source tools to transform this vision into reality.

Head: Klaus-Dieter Althoff


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