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Agenten und Simulierte Realität



  • BEinCPPS (Business Experiments in Cyber Physical Production Systems)
  • CIMPLEX (Bringing Citizens, Models and Data together in Participatory, Interactive Social Exploratories)
  • CREMA (Cloud-based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing)
  • DISTRO (Distributed 3D Object Design )
  • Guided AL (Guided Autonomous Locations)
  • INVERSIV (Integrated Verification, Simulation and Visualization for Industrial Applications)
  • prospective.HARVEST (Methoden und Technologien zur Unterstützung einer vorausschauenden Planung und Steuerung kooperativer landwirtschaftlicher Prozesse am Beispiel der Silomaisernte)


  • ARVIDA (Angewandte Referenzarchitektur für virtuelle Dienste und Anwendungen )
  • ATHENA (Advandced technologies for interoperability of heterogenous enterprise networks and their applications)
  • AVILUS+ (Angewandte Virtuelle Technologien mit Langfristfokus im Produkt- und Produktionsmittellebenszyklus )
  • CASCOM (Context-Aware Business Application Services Co-ordination in Mobile Computing Environments )
  • COIN (COllaboration and INteroperability for networked enterprises)
  • COMMODTIY12 (COntinuous Multi-parametric and Multi-layered analysis Of DIabetes TYpe 1 & 2)
  • DIC (Discretionary Information Flow Control)
  • EMERGENT (Grundlagen Emergenter Software)
  • Euro-Mils (Secure European virtualisation for trustworthy applications in critical domains)
  • EUTIST-AMI (EUropean Take-up of essential Information Society Tecnologies - Agents and MIddleware)
  • FI-Core (Future Internet - Core)
  • Guided AB ( Guided - Autonomic Building )
  • HYSOCIATEA (Hybrid Social Teams for Long-Term Collaboration in Cyber-Physical Environments)
  • IBAS-STEM (Image-Based Adaptive Sampling for SEM and STEM Imaging )
  • INTERACT (Interactive Manual Assembly Operations for the Human-Centered Workplaces of the Future)
  • KIARA (Middleware for efficient and QoS/Security-aware invocation of services and exchange of messages)
  • MODEST (Model-Driven Agents for Semantic Web Services)
  • NOTOX (Predicting long term toxic effects using computer models based on systems characterization of organotypic cultures)
  • OpenNet (Towards Open Networks of Agile Software Systems)
  • OSMOSE (OSMOsis Anwendungen für die agilen Unternehmen der Zukunft ("Sensing-Liquid Enterprises"))
  • ProForm (Formale Methoden für die Steuerung von Produktionsanlagen)
  • ProtoTo (Durchgängige Entwicklung von Sicherheitsprotokollen)
  • SCALLOPS (Secure Agent-Based Pervasive Computing)
  • SeSam (Secure and Safe Microkernel)
  • SHAPE (Semantically-enabled Heterogeneous service Architecture and Platforms Engineering)
  • SINDIUM_PS (Subprojekt ASR innerhalb von SINNODIUM)
  • SINNODIUM (Softwareinnovationen für das digitale Unternehmen)
  • SUCH (Secure UCH)
  • Verisoft XT (Verisoft XT)
  • Verisoft (Verisoft)
  • ViBaM (Viewpoint Based Modeling)
  • VisSAF (Visualisierung im Projekt Stadtmitte am Fluss)