Using Object Memories For Resource Efficiency

Alexander Kröner; Jochen Schlick
In: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Digital Object Memories in the Internet of Things. Workshop on Digital Object Memories (DOME-10), located at Ubicomp10, September 26-29, Copenhagen, Denmark, D (D), Vol. 10-01, DFKI, Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken, Bremen, 2010.


Object memories support the creation of item-level records, which can be exploited for a deep analysis of processes a physical artefact is involved in. We believe that this technology has particular uses for conserving resources such as energy and water, and thus may provide a valuable contribution to an “Internet for Resource Efficiency”. In this article, we discuss this idea on the basis of several application scenarios. We use these to identify research issues related to the application of object memories in this particular field in order to increase awareness of potential benefits and challenges and thus to stimulate research in this area.



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