Identifying grammar rules for language education with dependency parsing in German

Eleni Metheniti, Pomi Baram Park, Kristina Kolesova, Günter Neumann (Hrsg.)

International Conference on Dependency Lingusitics (Depling-2019) Exploring dependency grammar, semantics and the lexicon August 27-28 Paris France 8/2019.


We propose a method of determining the syntactic difficulty of a sentence, using syntactic patterns that identify grammatical rules on dependency parses. We have constructed a novel query language based on constraint-based dependency grammars and a grammar of German rules (relevant to primary school education) with patterns in our language. We annotated these rules with difficulty score and grammatical prerequisites and built a matching algorithm that matches the dependency parse of a sentence in CoNLL-U format with its relevant syntactic patterns. We achieved 96% precision and 95% recall on a manually annotated set of sentences, and our best results on using parses from four parsers are 88% and 84% respectively.


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