Different approaches to helping students develop conceptual understanding in university physics

TJ Kelly, M Thees, S Kapp, J Kuhn, Paul Lukowicz, N Wehn, M De Cock, P van Kampen, J Guisasola, L Dvořák, CD Walton, G Randerson, C Eling, K Zuza

In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS) 1929 Seiten 012-001 IOP Publishing 2021.


In this article we present a summary of initiatives that have been undertaken by a subset of the European Physics Education community to try to help students develop conceptual understanding. The contributions to this article represent a broad spectrum of ideas and research strategies that range from innovative teaching methods, to empirical applied psychology studies. Future physics professionals: scientists, teachers, engineers, analysts etc. are a diverse set of people and therefore the methods used to help them improve their understanding should be wide ranging. However, common themes emerge that we suggest as teaching implications namely: that more attention should be paid to how we develop students’ ability to reason; how building self-confidence can be hugely beneficial to closing knowledge gaps and how the split-attention effect acts to limit students’ working memory.

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