Managing SOA through Business Services- a Business-Oriented Approach to Service-Oriented Architectures

Dirk Werth, Katrina Leyking, Florian Dreifus, Jörg Ziemann, Andreas Martin

In: D. Georgakopoulos , N. Ritter , B. Benatallah , et al. (Hrsg.). Service-Oriented Computing. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference (ICSOC-2006), December 4-7, Chicago, Il, USA. International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC) Seiten 3-13 LNCS 4652 Springer 2007.


The idea of more flexible, modular system structures thanks to web services interfaces feed expectations towards a novel degree of business agility. However, the challenge of the information system community consists in developing methods and techniques to organisational requirements. This paper tackles this challenge by introducing Business Service Management as an interdesciplinary discipline for business-driven deployment of SOA. It approaches this ambitious objective by utilizing business processes as semi-formalized representations of an enterprise`s characteristics and requirements towards IT.

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