DIRECT-INFO: A Distributed Mulitmodal Analysis. System for Media Monitoring Applications

Herwig Rehatschek, Nicholas A. Diakopoulos, Gert Kienast, Volker Hahn, Thierry Declerck

In: P. Hobson , E Izquierdo , Yiannis Kompatsiaris , Noel E. O'Connor (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the European Workshop on the Integration of Knowledge, Semantics and Digital Media Technology, ISBN: 0-902-23810-8. European Workshop on the Integration of Knowledge,Semantic and Digital Media (EWIMT) 11/2004.


DIRECT-INFO aims to create a basic system for semi-automatic sponsorship tracking in the area of media monitoring. Its main goal is to offer an integrated system combining the output of basic media analysis modules to semantically meaningful trend analysis results, which shall give executive managers and policy makers a solid basis for their strategic decisions. In this paper we put a special emphasis on the subsystems logo recognition, the multimodal scene classification and the text analysis subsystem.

DI-T82-JRS-06-EWIMT-Paper-LONG.pdf (pdf, 561 KB )

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