Proceedings 1st International and KI-08 Workshop on Ontology-based Information Extraction Systems

Benjamin Adrian, Günter Neumann, Alexander Troussov, Borislav Popov (Hrsg.)

International and KI-Workshop on Ontology-based Information Extraction Systems (OBIES-08) befindet sich KI 2008 September 23-26 Kaiserslautern Germany 400 CEUR 2008.


More and more information extraction (IE) systems use ontologies for extraction tasks. These systems use knowledge representation techniques for extracting information from lesser structured domains more efficiently. The advantages of these procedures are especially an increase of quality in IE-templates, reusability, and maintainability. Ontologies in IE may provide new techniques for supporting open tasks of semantic analyses regarding for instance temporal analyses, resolution of contradiction, or context awareness. There are several open research topics about ontology-based information extraction (OBIE), for instance a proven architecture, evaluation guidelines regarding the use of ontologies, or ontologies vs. templates.


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