The MARY TTS entry in the Blizzard Challenge 2008

Marc Schröder, Marcela Charfuelan Oliva, Sathish Chandra Pammi, Oytun Türk

In: Proceedings of Blizzard Challenge 2008 Workshop. SynSIG Blizzard Challenge (SSW) befindet sich Interspeech 2008 September 21 Brisbane Queensland Australia 2008.


The present paper reports on the DFKI entry to the Blizzard challenge 2008. The main difference of our system compared to last year is a new join model inspired by last year's iFlytek paper; the effect seems small, but measurable in the sense that it leads to the selection of longer chunks of consecutive units. In interpreting the results of the listening test, we correlate the ratings to various measures of the system. This allows us to explain at least some part of the variance in MOS ratings.


MARY-Blizzard08.pdf (pdf, 182 KB )

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