Study: The web 2.0 - a high capacity research landscape for professional translators?

Marie-Luise Groß, Benjamin Adrian, Gerhard Budin.

In: Klaus Tochtermann , Hermann Maurer (Hrsg.). Proceedings of I-KNOW '09 and I-SEMANTICS '09. International Conference on Knowledge Management and New Media Technology (I-KNOW-09) September 2-4 Graz Austria Seiten 348-353 ISBN ISSN 0948-6968 Journal of Universal Computer Science Graz, Austria 2009.


Professional translation services are often perceived as quite expensive and people tend to go for the lowest price possible when commissioning a translation. To stay capable of competing with lay translators, professional translators have to continuously increase the efficiency of their work process. Researching information consumes a considerable part of the time needed for producing a high-quality translation. This work evaluates whether Web 2.0 applications with their social and collaborative characteristics have the potential to support the professional translator in his daily work. Here the main focus of attention is on a possible increase in efficiency of search and knowledge management processes. In phase one of the study we conducted a survey to determine the translator's preferred search tactics, knowledge resources, and communication channels. Secondly, we conducted user tests on a Web 2.0 social media sharing platform followed by open interviews to find further evidence for the potential of Web 2.0-based collaborative applications in the professional translator's business.

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