Next Generation of HCI and Education: Workshop on UI Technologies and Educational Pedagogy.

Edward Tse, Johannes Schöning, Yvonne Rogers, Chia Shen, Gerald Morrison

In: CHI 2010: Adjunct Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI-2010) April 10-15 Atlanta GA United States ACM 2010.


Given the exponential growth of interactive whiteboards in classrooms around the world, and the recent emergence of multi-touch tables, tangible computing devices and mobile devices, there has been a need to explore how next generation HCI will impact education in the future. Educators are depending on the interaction communities to deliver technologies that will improve/adapt learning to an ever-changing world. In addition to novel UI concepts, the HCI community needs to examine how these concepts can be matched to contemporary paradigms in Educational pedagogy. The classroom is a challenging environment for evaluation, thus new interaction techniques need to be established to prove the value of new HCI interactions in the educational space. This workshop provides a forum to discuss key HCI issues facing next generation education ranging from whole class interactive whiteboards, small group interactive multi- touch tables, and individual personal response systems in the classroom.

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