SensHome: Towards a Corpus for Everyday Activities in Smart Homes

Jochen Frey, Robert Neßelrath, Jan Alexandersson, Christian Husodo Schulz

In: European Language Resources Association (ELRA) (Hrsg.). Proceedings of Multimodal Corpora: Advances in Capturing, Coding and Analyzing Multimodality. International Workshop Series on Multimodal Corpora, Tools and Resources (MMC) International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation LREC May 19-21 Malta Malta 5/2010.


We present our planned efforts within the SensHome project in building a corpus of daily activities in smart environments. The recordings consisting of measurable events as provided by the instrumentation along with video and audio recordings. SensHome foresees a threestep development where the instrumentation is verified in a dual-reality setting followed by recording in controlled environments. Finally, the recordings will be done under real circumstances. We extend previous work on activities as formulated by (Leontiev, 1978) and (Stahl, 2009) with the notion of partial orders of ontologically represented events denoted episodes that constitute fundamental building block for annotations.

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