Realising a Flemish government innovation information portal with Business Semantics Management

Peter Spyns, Geert van Grootel, Brigitte Jörg, Stijn Christiaens

In: Maximilian Stempfhuber , Nils Thidemann (Hrsg.). Connecting Science with Society. The Role of Research Information in a Knowledge-Based Society. International Conference on Current Research Information Systems (CRIS-2010) The Role of Research Information in a Knowledge-Based Society June 2-5 Aalborg Denmark ISBN 978-87-7307-987-4 Aalborg University Press Aalborg 6/2010.


The knowledge economy is one of the cornerstones of our society. Knowledge unlocks innovation, which in turns spawns new products or services, thereby enabling further economic growth. Hence, an information system unlocking scientific technical knowledge is an important asset for government policy and strategic decisions by industry. In this paper, some pilot experiments are presented on how business semantics man- agement and related tools are applied to set up a syntactically and semantically stable conceptual modelling environment that caters for an easy and flexible extension of conceptual models by non tech-savvy domain experts. The context of the FRIS serves as use case for initial experiments. Even if such an endeavour is shown to be feasible - and leading to cost reduction - many hurdles - in particular data quality control at the input source - still need to be overcome.


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