CookIIS - A successful Recipe Advisor and Menu Advisor

Alexandre Hanft, Régis Newo, Kerstin Bach, Norman Ihle, Klaus-Dieter Althoff

In: Stefania Montani , Lakhmi Jain (Hrsg.). Successful Case-based Reasoning Applications. Seiten 187-222 Studies in Computational Intelligence 305 ISBN 978-3-642-14077-8 Springer Berlin Heidelberg 1/2010.


CookIIS is a successful Case-Based Reasoning web application that recommends and adapts recipes or creates a complete menu regarding to the user’s preferences like explicitly excluded ingredients or previously defined diets. The freely available application CookIIS won the 2nd Computer Cooking Contest (CCC) in 2009 after winning the Menu Challenge at the 1st Computer Cooking Contest in 2008. The chapter explains the realisation of CookIIS starting with the requirements of the first CCC until the final CCC’09 version. CookIIS uses a an industrial strength CBR tool, the empolis Information Access Suite (e:IAS). However, it goes beyond the standard way of building a CBR application based on e:IAS. This chapter will describe the CookIIS system in detail, especially the knowledge modelling, case representation and adaptation processes.

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