GETESS: Constructing a Linguistic Search Index for an Internet Search Engine

Ilvio Bruder, Günter Neumann, Jochen Bedersdorfer, Markus Becker

In: Mokrane Bouzeghoub , Zoubida Kedad , Elisabeth Metais (Hrsg.). Natural Language Processing and Information Systems. Seiten 227-238 Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 1959 ISBN 978-3-540-41943-3 Springer Berlin 2001.


In this paper we illustrate how Internet documents can be automatically analyzed in order to capture the content of a document in a more detailed way than usually. The result of the document analysis is called abstract and will be used as a linguistic search index for the Internet search engine GETESS. We show how the linguistic analysis system SMES can be used for a Harvest based search engine for constructing a linguistic search index. Further, we denote how the linguistic index can be exploited for answering user search inqueries.

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