Annotation of Human Gesture using 3D Skeleton Controls

Quan Nguyen, Michael Kipp

In: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation. International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-10) 7th May 17-23 Valetta Malta ELDA 2010.


The manual transcription of human gesture behavior from video for linguistic analysis is a work-intensive process that results in a rather coarse description of the original motion. We present a novel approach for transcribing gestural movements: by overlaying an articulated 3D skeleton onto the video frame(s) the human coder can replicate original motions on a pose-by-pose basis by manipulating the skeleton. Our tool is integrated in the ANVIL tool so that both symbolic interval data and 3D pose data can be entered in a single tool. Our method allows a relatively quick annotation of human poses which has been validated in a user study. The resulting data are precise enough to create animations that match the original speaker’s motion which can be validated with a realtime viewer. The tool can be applied for a variety of research topics in the areas of conversational analysis, gesture studies and intelligent virtual agents.

NguyenKipp10.pdf (pdf, 3 MB )

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