Modeling the Context of Scientific Information: Mapping VIVO and CERIF

Leonardo Lezcano, Brigitte Jörg, Miguel-Angel Sicilia

In: CAiSE Workshop Proceedings. Ontology, Models, Conceptualization and Epistemology in Social, Artificial and Natural Systems (ONTOSE-2012) befindet sich 24th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering June 26-26 Gdańsk Poland CAiSE 2012 Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (LNBIP) Springer Berlin, Heidelberg 6/2012.


Institutional repositories (IR) and Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) among other kinds of systems store and manage information on the context in which research activity takes place. Several models, standards and ontologies have been proposed to date as a solution to give coherent semantics to research information. These present a large degree of overlap but also present very different approaches to modeling. This paper presents a contrast of two of the more widespread models, the VIVO ontology and the CERIF standards, and provides directions for mapping them in a way that enables clients to integrate data coming from heterogeneous sources.

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