Ontology Lexicalisation: The lemon Perspective

Paul Buitelaar, Philipp Cimiano, John McCrae, Elena Montiel-Ponsoda, Thierry Declerck

In: Monique Slodzian , Mathieu Valette , Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles , Anne Condamines , Nathalie Hernandez , Bernard Rothenburger (Hrsg.). Workshop Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Terminology and Artificial Intelligence. International Conference on Terminology and Artificial Intelligence (TIA-11) 9th November 8-10 Paris France Seiten 33-36 INALCO Paris 11/2011.


Ontologies (Guarino1998) capture knowledge but fail to capture the structure and use of terms in expressing and referring to this knowledge in natural language. The structure and use of terms is the concern of terminology as well as lexicology. In recent years, the relevance of terminology in knowledge representation has been recognized again (for example the advent of SKOS1) but less consideration has been given to lexical and linguistic issues in knowledge representation (Buitelaar2010).


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