Acquisition, Representation, and Extension of Multilingual Labels of Financial Ontologies

Thierry Declerck, Hans-Ulrich Krieger, Dagmar Gromann

In: Rute Costa , Manuel Silva , António Lucas Soares (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the TKE Workshop "Challenges to knowledge representation in multilingual contexts". TKE Workshop "Challenges to knowledge representation in multilingual contexts" befindet sich TKE June 19 Madrid Spain Seiten 17-26 TKE Madrid 6/2012.


Globalization and a generally accelerated life style force companies to be exible and ready to adapt to changes in the business environment. Integration of multilingual information as a process benefits from shared concepts of a multilingual ontology. We propose an automatic extraction of information from multilingual financial Web resources, which provide candidate terms for building ontology elements or instances of ontology concepts. Nevertheless, designations of ontology concepts need to be governed by sound terminological principles to facilitate further automation of ontology evolution as an example.


Challenges_to_Knowledge_Representation_2012_Proceedings.pdf (pdf, 3 MB )

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