MENTORbike - Intelligent and Automated Training Support with a Pedelec

Boris Feodoroff, Alexandra Theobalt, Michael Schlicker, Alexander Schmitt, Horst Walter, Volker Stützinger

In: Malina Jordanova , Frank Lievens (Hrsg.). Global Telemedicine and eHealth Updates: Knowledge Resources. The International eHealth, Telemedicine and Health ICT Forum for Educational, Networking and Business (Med-e-Tel-2012) April 18-20 Luxembourg Luxembourg 5 ISBN ISSN: 1998-5509 (print)/ 1818-9334 (CD) International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH) Grimbergen (B) 2012.


The product service system envisioned in MENTORbike is an intelligent pedelec, where the tangible item is a motorized bicycle. Information such as altitude, speed, heart rate, current location of the user are collected via a connected mobile device and analyzed by a system in the backend. As a result of the analysis different physiological and non-physiological services are provided to the user and customized to their respective needs. On the one hand, MENTORbike provides physiological services targeted at health preservation of healthy users and health improvement of users suffering from a chronic health conditions. MENTORbike can be used at home and outside for individual prevention and rehabilitation activities. Examples of services are automatic adaptation of the pedelec motor, recommendations of training routes, or feedback about vital parameters. In addition, MENTORbike provides a monitoring service of vital parameters which is of particular interest in a rehabilitation scenario in case of emergency or recovery progress scenarios. Furthermore, also non-physiological services are provided to the user. Examples of such are the possibility to organize training meetings with other users, the exchange of training experiences in a social community or the connection to external services such as electronic information retrieval services or electronic shopping services. Overall, the system is envisioned to provide recommendations which are personalized and situation-aware, of physiological and non-physiological nature and thus respond to the different needs of a user before, during, and after a training unit. MENTORbike is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (1IS11034D). It starts on 1st of January and runs for a duration of 27 months.

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