The Need for Process Model Corpora

Tom Thaler, Jürgen Walter, Peyman Ardalani, Peter Fettke, Peter Loos

In: Free Models Initiative 2014. Free Models Initiative (FMI-14) befindet sich Modellierung 2014 March 19-21 Vienna Austria FMI 3/2014.


In spite of the current research activities developing methods and techniques for business process model analysis, a standardized and digital available process model corpus for evaluating these methods and techniques is still missing. Particularly with regard to a consistent appreciation of information systems such a corpus is of high importance, as it improves the development of standardized evaluations. The benefit of such corpora can also be observed in other fields of research like computational linguistics, biology, chemistry or medicine. Against that background the position paper at hand motivates the need for model corpora in general and process model corpora in particular. A short introduction on what the authors already did in terms of developing and establishing a model corpus enriches the paper. The current prototypical corpus version contains reference models, models from practice and models from controlled environments and comprises 16 model collections with 2290 process models.

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