Investigating Multi-user Interactions on Interactive Media Facades

Alexander Wiethoff, Thomas Bauer, Sven Gehring

In: Proceedings of the 2nd Media Architecture Biennale Conference: World Cities. Media Architecture Biennale (MAB-14) 2nd November 19-22 Aarhus Denmark Seiten 92-100 ISBN 978-1-4503-3302-3 ACM New York, NY, USA 11/2014.


Designing interactions with media façades bears several challenges. One of them arises when multiple users are interacting with a media façade simultaneously. In this work we report on our experiences designing a mobile multi-user interaction system with a high-resolution back projection media façade in a public space (see Figure 1, middle). We compare different methods to distribute temporary ownership of a media façade. We further describe our systematic design process of prototyping such a system at different scales. Our presented work covers preliminary insights into the design process of media façade interactions and it addresses domain specific challenges such as designing multi-user interactions from scratch.

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