Identification of Business Process Models in a Digital World

Peter Loos, Peter Fettke, Jürgen Walter, Tom Thaler, Peyman Ardalani

In: Jan vom Brocke , Theresa Schmiedel (Hrsg.). BPM - Driving Innovation in a Digital World. Seiten 155-174 ISBN 978-3-319-14429-0 Springer 2015.


Traditionally, business processes are designed using a top down approach. While in top down approaches real process experiences can only be considered in an indirect way, process experiences can be the core input for process model designs using a more innovative bottom up approach with inductive methods, e.g. process mining technologies. The paper introduces a comprehensive seven phases method for inductive reference modelling. Some of the relevant particular techniques in this context are presented. Finally, the vision of the IWi Process Model Corpus is presented. This corpus can serve as a basis for developing and evaluating methods and techniques in the area of inductive reference modelling and currently covers 2,290 single models.

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