Potentials of Future Internet Technologies for Digital Factories

K. Klein, M Franke, K. Hribernik, E. Coscia, Silke Balzert-Walter, Jan Sutter, K.-D. Thoben

In: Abdelaziz Bouras , Zahir Tari , Abdelkarim Erradi , Sherif Abdelwahed (Hrsg.). Proceedings 2014 ACS/IEEE 11th International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA). ACS/IEEEInternational Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA-2014) November 10-13 Doha Qatar Seiten 734-741 IEEE 2014.


The current market situation demands manufacturers to increase the flexibility, adaptability and efficiency of their production processes, from product design to manufacturing, and taking the entire product lifecycle into consideration. Digital Factories present a vision of future manufacturing in which digital continuity through production processes facilitates these requirements. This paper investigates how Future Internet technology may be applied and extended in order to fulfil the requirements of Digital Factories and contribute in a significant way to this paradigm shift in manufacturing. The authors present two Digital Factories use cases from which they derive requirements towards a proposed Future Internet Digital Factories architecture. A discussion of the results and an outlook to future work conclude the paper.

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