Towards a living earth simulator

Mario Paolucci, Donald Kossman, Rosaria Conte, Paul Lukowicz, Panos Argyrakis, Ann Blandford, Giulia Bonelli, Stuart Anderson, Sara de Freitas, Bruce Edmonds, Nigel Gilbert, Markus Gross, Jörn Kohlhammer, Petros Koumoutsakos, Andreas Krause, B-O Linnér, Philipp Slusallek, Olga Sorkine, Robert W Sumner, Dirk Helbing

In: The European Physical Journal - Special Topics (EPJ ST) 214 1 Seiten 77-108 Springer Berlin 11/2012.


The Living Earth Simulator (LES) is one of the core components of the FuturICT architecture. It will work as a federation of methods, tools, techniques and facilities supporting all of the FuturICT simulation-related activities to allow and encourage interactive exploration and understanding of societal issues. Society-relevant problems will be targeted by leaning on approaches based on complex systems theories and data science in tight interaction with the other components of FuturICT. The LES will evaluate and provide answers to real-world questions by taking into account multiple scenarios. It will build on present approaches such as agent-based simulation and modeling, multiscale modelling, statistical inference, and data mining, moving beyond disciplinary borders to achieve a new perspective on complex social systems

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