Evaluation of Smart Glasses for Documentation in Manufacturing

Fabian Quint, Frieder Loch, Harald Weber, Janis Venitz, Matthias Gröber, Jonas Liedel

In: B. Weyers , A. Dittmar (Hrsg.). Mensch und Computer 2016 – Workshopbeiträge. Mensch und Computer (MuC-2016) September 4-7 Aachen Germany Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V 2016.


Devices from the consumer sector are increasingly pushing into industrial production to realize applications to support workers. Especially, smart glasses are currently in the focus and discussed regarding their application scenarios and potential benefits. Nevertheless, most of the available applications are considered to be concept studies or demonstrators that often lack empirical evaluation of their use in industrial settings. Hence, data is missing to provide insights into benefits and drawbacks of smart glasses as well as on the user acceptance. This paper presents first evaluation results of an application used to document knowledge about assembly and maintenance processes using video recording with smart glasses. It has been evaluated by maintenance and production workers both under laboratory as well as under real conditions within multiple work contexts.

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