Weakly-structured Workflows for Knowledge-intensive Tasks: An Experimental Evaluation

Ludger van Elst; Felix-Robinson Aschoff; Ansgar Bernardi; Heiko Maus; Sven Schwarz
In: Proceedings of the Workshop Knowledge Management for Distributed Agile Processes: Models, Techniques, and Infrastructure (KMDAP2003) at 12th IEEE International Workshops on Enabling Technologies: Infr. Pages 340-345, IEEE Press, 2003.


Knowledge work can typically not be modeled sufficiently by classical, static process models. To enable a process-oriented knowledge management (KM) approach under these circumstances, the concept of weakly-structured workflows has been developed. This approach intertwines process modeling and workflow enactment and facilitates active information support in dynamically changing environments. Furthermore, the approach allows process knowledge itself to be used as a valuable resource in KM. In order to investigate whether this approach is viable and useful for supporting knowledge-intensive activities we designed and performed a comprehensive experimental evaluation. We outline the conceptual approach and realization in an agent-based software framework for organizational memories and describe the experimental settings. The results of the experiment demonstrate the viability of our key concepts.

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