The Social Semantic Desktop: A New Paradigm Towards Deploying the Semantic Web on the Desktop

Ansgar Bernardi; Stefan Decker; Ludger van Elst; Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes; Tudor Groza; Siegfried Handschuh; Mehdi Jazayeri; CĂ©dric Mesnage; Knud Möller; Gerald Reif; Michael Sintek; Leo Sauermann
In: Jorge Cardoso; Miltiadis D. Lytras (Hrsg.). Semantic Web Engineering in the Knowledge Society. Chapter XII, Pages 290-312, IGI Global, 2008.


This chapter introduces the general vision of the Social Semantic Desktop (SSD) and details it in the context of the NEPOMUK project. It outlines the typical SSD requirements and functionalities that were identified from real world scenarios. In addition, it provides the design of the standard SSD architecture together with the ontology pyramid developed to support it. Finally, the chapter gives an overview of some of the technical challenges that arise from the actual development process of the SSD.



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