Concept of a Framework for Moving Objects based on different Data Sources

Mareike Kritzler; Antonio Krüger
In: Wolfgang Reinhardt; Antonio Krüger; Manfred Ehlers (Hrsg.). Geoinformatik 2009. Geoinformatik (GI-Days-09), March 31 - April 2, Osnabrück, Germany, ifgi Prints, 2009.


The knowledge of the location of humas, animals or objects is important to pro- vide or derive information depending on this location. For example the location information is used to assist cognitive disabled people in their daily life. New technologies to get the location have arised in recent years. Elephants in national parks are observed by the Global Positioning System. In industrial or logistic companies paper wheels and staff are identified and tracked via Radio Frequency Identifica- tion (RFID) or Wireless LAN. Projects like Yamamoto model the indoor envi- ronment to locate and assist people. The idea of this framework is based on the tracking of labora- tory mice in a semi natural environment via RFID, scale and webcam. That project investigates the influence of the environment to move- ment and behavior of mice in the case of Alzheimers disease. The aim of the proposed work is to generalize the first results concern- ing a scale-invariant tracking framework which is able to integrate movement data of heterogeneous sensor sources and to obtain information from different kinds of objects, animals and human beings where size, characteristics and envi- ronment (e.g. laboratory conditions or industrial environment) are irrelevant.

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