Informing Customers by Means of Digital Product Memories

Alexander Kröner; Patrick Gebhard; Lübomira Spassova; Gerrit Kahl; Michael Schmitz
In: Michael Schneider; Alexander Kröner; Patrick Olivier; Peter Stephan (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 1st international Workshop on Digital Object Memories. Workshop on Digital Object Memories (DOME-09), located at Intelligent Environments 2009, July 19, Barcelona, Spain, Pages 21-26, Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments (AISE), Vol. 4, IOS Press, Amsterdam, 7/2009.


The continuous collection of digital information via smart labels attached to physical objects is a promising way to support information availability across all stages of a product's lifecycle. Since such "digital product memories" may contain a vast amount of heterogeneous data, we expect a strong demand for user support in tasks related to information retrieval and discovery. In this article, we focus on the interaction between consumers and digital product memories in a retail scenario. On the basis of several prototype implementations, we summarize various ways of retrieving and presenting product-related information with the goal to shed some light upon aspects of relevance for the interaction between users and object memories in general.



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