Do we need further multi-touch affordances?

Johannes Schöning
In: Touch Affordances: Workshop on Touch Affordances. Workshop on Touch Affordances, located at in conjunction with INTERACT, August 25, Uppsala, Sweden, 2009.


People have developed sophisticated skills for sensing and manipulat- ing their physical environments with their fingers and hands. And more and more user interfaces taken advantage of that and allowing touch input to support these skills. Especially multi-touch interaction has received considerable atten- tion in the last few years and the media interest in multi-touch interaction with large and small displays surfaces has seen a recent explosion. Multi-touch sur- faces can be realized by using different technologies, ranging from capacitive sensing to video analysis of infrared or full colour video images. In this pa- per we try to summarize some key values of multi-touch interaction. We think that is a first important step when thinking of methods to communicate touch-based interaction in an intuitive, implicit way or to evaluate the impact of a touch-related interface on user experience of success system. Because we think, it is important what values touch affordances afford.

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