From Provenance-awareness to Explanation-awareness---When Linked Data Is Used for Case Acquisition from Texts

Thomas Roth-Berghofer; Benjamin Adrian
In: Cindy Marling (Hrsg.). ICCBR 2010 Workshop Proceedings. Provenance-Aware Case-Based Reasoning: Applications to Reasoning, Metareasoning, Maintenance and Explanation (PA-CBR-2010), located at ICCBR 2010, July 19-22, Alessandria, Italy, Pages 103-106, Dipartimento di Informatica UniversitĂ  del Piemonte Orientale "A. Avogadro", Alessandria, 6/2010.


Explanation-awareness in Case-Based Reasoning system development aims at making such systems smarter in interactions with their users. When using Linked Data for case acquisition from text one aspect of being smarter is the provision of evidence for the trustworthiness of the acquired cases. The Trustworthiness of such cases relies not only on the provenance of the text but also on the provenance of the used ontological knowledge. Users can only assess the quality of the case-based reasoner's results, i.e., the cases, if the system provides provenance information and if such a system can justify its results. In fact, explanation capabilities very much rely on provenance information



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